Intensive two-day dog training course

You and your dog can spend two days in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside on an intensive training course with Jo, a dog behaviourist and training expert.

A Beautiful Morning on Bradgate

  • Learn how to handle your dog
  • Learn how to combat unwanted behaviours
  • Learn Jo’s techniques first hand
  • Get valuable feedback as you learn
  • Ask Jo questions

A training holiday is the perfect opportunity to bond with your pet as you learn a host of new skills.

How Jo can help:

Many of the issues owners have with their dog is a lack of respect. On the two day training course, Jo will be training you to train your dog. Jo will Help you to build your confidence in situations that have made you feel anxious. It is a very successful alternative to residential training, and it also means that you don’t have to be parted from your dog for weeks on end!

Jo can teach you about her leadership style and explain why you must project calm-assertive energy. She’ll explain why it’s important to be the “pack leader” while teaching you the skills required to set solid rules, boundaries and limitations for your dog.

During the course, Jo will use her deep understanding of dog psychology and behaviour to help you tackle problems, including:

  • Nervousness
  • Aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Lack of manners
  • Poor recall
  • And more!

Over the two days, your dog will socialise with Jo’s well-balanced pack and learn how to behave around dogs of various shapes, sizes, and breeds.

Worried that your dog’s behaviour is too “bad”?

Jo’s dealt with dozens of aggressive and ill behaved dogs in the past. All have successfully integrated into her pack without issue. She has plenty of experience and has “seen it all” – why not check out her testimonials page to see for yourself?

What to expect:

Jo will spend up to 9 hours with you and your dog, split over two days.  The course will take place on a Monday and a Tuesday OR a Wednesday and a Thursday.


When we train:

The two-day training course is normally conducted on either:

  • A Monday and Tuesday, or
  • A Wednesday and a Thursday.

Sometimes, with notice, training can be arranged on different days.

The course begins at either 8.30am or 9am.  Let Jo know which time you’d prefer when booking.

We will train for approximately five hours on the first day and four hours on the second day. We’ll also take a short break on both days.

Note: this is not a residential training course and dog boarding is not included.

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