Red Zone Aggression

I’ve heard the word red zone on tv, what does it mean ?

Red is synonymous with danger and aggression, and that is what it symbolises here. If you have a red zone dog, you most certainly don’t need a definition. You already know.

Your dog might have aggression issues that manifest toward other dogs, or even people! Many of my clients with red zone dogs have seen me as their last hope. By understanding the psychology of dogs, I am able to pinpoint what needs adjustment in order for your dog to become a well-balanced pack member.

It is important to learn how to time corrections to stop your dog from escalating into a ‘red zone’. Dogs, like humans, stop listening when in a state of aggression. The key is to stop them from getting there in the first place.

I have helped many dogs with aggression issues. My two-day training holiday or my residential training course is perfect for any dogs who have shown aggressive or dominant behaviours.

During the residential training course, your dog becomes part of my home and family for the duration of his stay with us.  He will be introduced, and then integrated, into my calm submissive pack. Your dog will learn how to behave around other animals and, most importantly, that YOU control the situation.

I do not use fear or food based training. We simply repeat good behaviours, whilst discouraging bad ones. My techniques not only work, they work fast! Within just a few weeks, your dog (who may have had issues for years) will be a reformed character.

I put 110% into every dog I have trained and I have never refused to take a dog for aggression issues.

Please contact me for more details on my red zone residential dog training course.

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