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Matthew Williamson

“Jo knows and understands dogs like nobody else! Whether your dog needs just a few gentle pointers or a fully emmersive training programme, Jo can do it all and with great results. I have first hand experience of working with her and am so glad I did as I now have a very happy and well behaved dog. I’d recommend Jo to every new dog owner!”

— Matthew Williamson – Creative Director.


Chip, Black Labrador
Training and Socialisation


“I spent two days with Jo and my lovely black lab, Chip, at the beginning of November 2016.

Chip has an issue with lead reactivity around other dogs.  I adopted him at 18 months old (he’s now 5) and worked really hard on his obedience training in the early days which was both very rewarding and successful.  However, this problem of lunging at other dogs and general assertive behaviour around them has never really been overcome to the point where I had managed it by only walking in very quiet places and with him always on a Halti if there was any chance we might encounter unknown dogs.  Other than that, I didn’t have any other strategy to deal with this unwanted behaviour.

I saw Jo’s website and read the testimonials and thought that she might be able to offer me a solution.  All I can say is – why didn’t I contact her sooner!

Over the two days, we spent time both with Jo’s pack and out in the park practising heel work past other dogs and other distractions (ducks and deer)!  I was quite anxious to begin with but felt comfortable enough to tell Jo how I was feeling which helped immensely.  By the end of the first day I was already starting to see an improvement in his behaviour and day two went even better, particularly as my confidence was growing.  The one really great thing about the two days was that Jo was more than happy to listen to all the things I needed to talk about so that she could build up a complete picture of Chip and give me as much advice as possible.  It was so useful to be able to ask questions, sometimes more than once!  I really felt I came away with a clear strategy to help me become a calm, assertive, decisive leader which, in the long run, is the very best thing for both me and Chip.  I am absolutely determined to carry out all Jo’s advice at home and also take myself out of a well-ingrained comfort zone of sticking to the quiet places to walk (it’s not easy but I know I have to do it).  We’ve a little way to go and every walk is a training session at the moment. But if you’d have told me a week ago that I’d be out and about with him without the Halti or a pocket full of treats I’d never have believed you! Thank you so much Jo. ”

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Teddy, Lhasa Apso
Training and Socialisation


For my 50th birthday present last year I got a puppy Lhasa Apso. After I got over the excitement, I realised I had a lot of work to do to get this little ball of fluff trained. Because he was so cute he got away with everything! He was naughty on the lead, jumping up at everyone, and basically not listening to anything I said. I researched a few different trainers and nothing felt comfortable to me. Then I found Jo, it was the best thing that happened to me and Teddy!

She was so lovely on the phone and when I met her she had such a calming manner with Teddy. The one to one sessions worked well for us and each week I was able to ask her different questions and go through some difficulties I was having at home with Teddy!

Very quickly Teddy responded to training and socialising with her lovely pack of dogs. He walks nicely to heel and was taught how to behave like a good dog and listen to me. On a few occasions I have had to ask her to come round for a home visit – and Teddy knows who is the boss when she arrives!

Teddy loves staying at Jo’s when we go on holiday and I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else. We both still enjoy meeting her for a walk with all her doggy gang!

Mylo, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Training and Residential
October 2015

Our six-year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mylo spent 3 weeks with Jo in September this year to help him with his long-held anxiety around other dogs which he’d developed after he was attacked by a dog when he was two.
Although he was a well-behaved dog in most ways, he was anxious around dogs when we were out on walks, and this would often manifest itself in him lunging at other dogs or pinning them to the ground in the park if they approached. Despite being told by a dog behaviourist that the best thing would be to avoid all other dogs, living in West London, that wasn’t realistic and we felt that there must be a better way.

We stumbled across Jo when we noticed how well-behaved a neighbour’s dog was around Mylo, and found out that he’d also been to see her. After a couple of conversations with Jo, we decided that we should book Mylo in with her.

After 3 weeks of being with Jo, Mylo is still the same loveable Staffy, but he’s now so much calmer and our walks are now anxiety free. We’re continuing with the training that Jo did now that Mylo’s home, and he walks to heel perfectly, and seems much more relaxed.

When we see other dogs we don’t have to cross the road, we can simply pass without incident – it’s truly amazing what a change Jo has made. We’ve even been able to have a friend’s dog over to the house to stay, which a few months ago would have honestly been unthinkable.

Mylo has always been a happy dog, and we thought he was pretty perfect apart from his behaviour around other dogs which really let him down. Now he’s balanced, calm and an absolute pleasure to take out for a walk. We couldn’t ask for anything more from him and we genuinely thank Jo for improving ours but especially Mylo’s quality of life.

Reggie, Cockerpoo
Training and Residential

reggie the cocker poo, residential training

When I made my appointment with Jo about my Cockapoo dog Reggie I was quite literally at the end of my tether, I was really finding his behaviour whilst out walking him difficult to deal with. He would pull on his lead, criss cross infront of me, lunge, bark and snap at other dogs he saw, even if they were on the other side of the street. We couldn’t visit parks or places where other dogs would be. He would lunge at bikes, ducks, birds, basically anything that moved! It was always stressful and usually ended with me in tears.
After our first visit with Jo I felt so much more confident that I could deal with these behaviours, she showed me techniques to take control, be more assertive and recognise signs in his body language so that I could respond before his behaviour did. I was taught how to walk him to heel and was so surprised that he was doing this by the end of the first hour!

It wasn’t a magic wand, I had to put time and effort in with Reggie for the weeks afterwards but with the tools Jo had taught me I was able to do this. It was also great to know that I could contact Jo if I had any problems.

On our next session we went for a walk with Jo and one of her dogs through the park where we encountered other dogs, I learnt how to remain calm and walk him past other dogs without him reacting, it was quite outstanding that she managed to achieve this in the first session out walking. It was then up to me to carry out what I had learnt whilst out on my own with him. I had a couple of follow up appointments, but they were mainly for my confidence than anything else.

Reggie went to stay with Jo and her pack (and still does on occasions when we go on holiday) After his first stay I can honestly say he came home a different dog, much calmer when meeting other dogs on our walks. Besides having lovely walks through Bradgate park, being around Jo’s pack allows Reg to be a proper dog, mixing with other dogs and learning polite dog manners!

I delayed ringing Jo to make an appointment as I thought it might be really expensive but when I did ring her I was surprised at the affordability of her prices. I cannot thank Jo enough for the help and support she has given us. Walking your dog is one of lifes pleasures, which we can now enjoy.

Roxy, Boxer
Training and Socialisation.

My husband and I bought our beautiful boxer Roxy at 8 weeks old, she was our first puppy. We had read the books and researched the Internet on how to train her but to say we made a few mistakes would be an understatement.
Roxys biggest issue for me was she was so strong on the lead walking her was not enjoyable at all.
We already knew of Jo as she had bought the gorgeous Buzz from the same litter as Roxy.
On our first visit Jo showed us exactly where we were going wrong and within the hour she had Roxy walking too heel no problem.
We have returned to Jo a few times for extra training and socialisation with her amazing pack.
Roxy has also stayed with Jo while we have been on holiday and she loves it as it’s just like being at home but with more doggy friends to play with.
I would and have recommend Jo to anyone who has any issues with their dog, I wouldn’t take Roxy to anyone else.
Jo not only trained Rox she also trained us which is more important. Jo really is amazing.

Scoota, the Rescue Dog
Three Weeks Residential.

rescue dog training
Scoota is a rescue dog and from day one virtually I realised that she had problems not only with other dogs, but with men and children. She would snap and lunge and generally cause mayhem.
I tried obedience training locally and although she mastered commands such as sit, down and stay, when out on her walks and she saw another dog, these commands meant nothing I had no control whatsoever. This led me to finding places to walk where I was fairly sure no one else would be about, especially with dogs.

In April 2014, as a last resort, I decided to try residential training. After looking on the internet and not being able to find one I thought suitable locally in Kent, I came across Jo’s website an decided to give her a call.

Scoota spent 3 weeks with Jo in June 2014 while we stayed in our motorhome near by and visited each week. Each time I visited I could see the improvement in her. She was so much calmer and more respectful, walked to heel nicely, and she got on well with Jo’s pack.

Now 7 months on all of our friends, without exception, have commented on her calmness. Using Jo’s techniques, advice and recommendations I now have so much better control. Scoota is now so much more attentive to me when we are out and her recall is almost perfect. A visit to the vets with a waiting room full of dogs is not a problem as I now know how to take control. She greets visitors with respect, both men and women, although I still use a muzzle if there are children around.

I have Jo to thank for doing all the groundwork with Scoota, that’s the real hard work. Rather than pushy and disrespectful, I now have a dog who is politely inquisitive and a joy to own. Thank you Jo!

Bruno, Mastiff/Rottweiler cross
Three Weeks Residential.

I adopted him when he was 10 years old not realising he had problems with some dogs. It had got to the stage when walks were a big worry which Bruno picked up on. He went to Jo for three weeks, living with her and her dogs. Jo told me Bruno is a dominant dog, not an aggressive dog and taught me how to earn his respect. Jo gave me the tools and confidence to deal with any situation that might arise. We still have the occasional incident but I now know how to handle it. It is due to Jo’s training that Bruno stayed with me.

Grateful thanks to Jo from Margaret and Bruno!

Tessa, The Patterdale Terrier
Three Weeks Residential.
Joined by Lexi, Parsons Russell Terrier for final week


During December 2013 Tessa, my Patterdale Terrier, decided she didn’t like Lexi, my Parsons Russell Terrier.  Tessa attacked Lexi on about 8 separate occasions over the months that followed causing serious injuries.

Tessa became more dominant during the course of the year and where previously she was ok with other dogs, she would bark at dogs on our walk and try and attack them.  Tessa became unsure of herself around people too but most of her bad behaviour was directed at Lexi in particular and sometimes other dogs she came into contact with on our walks etc.  We had to keep them separated all the time which was a huge strain on the family and not a very happy environment for them.

I was under a lot of pressure to rehome Tessa following an incident where she hurt my nephew (5 years old) by jumping at him and knocking him over.  Having tried to manage the situation ourselves for almost a year, Jo came to our rescue.  Tessa spent 3 weeks with Jo in training and Lexi joined her for the last week. They are both better behaved for it.  Tessa is still bossy but that’s in her breed!

residential dog training

I am really happy to say that they are getting on so much better and they can actually be in each other’s company now without Tessa attacking Lexi.  We still have to use muzzles to be on the safe side but it’s so much better for them and us.

They are happier dogs in themselves and I can see them improving every week.  Jo is very professional and was very good at making us as a family realise we were very much to blame for a lot of the behaviour in the nicest possible way.
We have certainly learned a lot about dogs since our training and even more so since they’ve been home.  I would highly recommend Jo’s training – she’s brilliant!

Monty, Miniature Dachshund
3 weeks training November 2014


Monty’s anxiety resulted in an awful lot of barking indoors, outdoors and especially in the car – what a racket! Feeling I had lost control of my beautiful wee dog and also that I’d badly let him down, I was at my wits end.

We live in Argyll, Scotland and I’d previously found Jo on the internet so when I visited family who live not that far from Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, I contacted her as it felt like my last chance at putting things right and, thankfully, she took Monty on for 3 weeks residential training. She said he was one of the most “vocal” dogs she’d had, yet when she brought him back to me in her car after the three weeks, I had to ask if he was with her as he was so quiet!!

I must say what a huge difference that made to me during the long drive back home to Scotland – for the first time I actually enjoyed being in the car with my dog tucked safely and quietly in his crate.
Since then he has remained a calm and relaxed wee dog and we are both so very much happier in our new stress-free environment.

dachshund in crate

To say Jo knows about dogs is an understatement, but I also think she has a good understanding on the complexities of human nature and has to almost become Psychologist to us as well as our dogs!
So when she hands our dogs back after training and the responsibility for consistency of ongoing training at home lies with us, it is comforting to know that Jo is still contactable for reassurance and advice.


Rocco: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Training course: Residential, three weeks


Staffy training

Thanks to Jo we are no longer avoided in our local area. Rocco, our beautiful Staffy is a loveable, playful boy but lack of socialisation at a young age left him extremely anxious, fearful and very aggressive towards other dogs.

At 20kg and super strong, we were unable to walk him in the vicinity of other dogs, he would lunge at them, bark at them and always wanted to attack any other dog he did not know.

We tried other dog training schools but the kennel environment sent him crazy and he came home ill and bruised from banging his head at the kennel enclosure. The fact that he wouldnt be locked in a kennel whilst training with Jo appealed to us most. After three weeks living with Jo and her outstanding pack of dogs he is completely transformed.

The training with Jo was wonderful, she didn’t only train Rocco – she trained us too!

We were able to visit once a week for a hands on training session. We had to learn to have confidence when handling Rocco around distractions. Bradgate Park during Easter Holidays was the perfect place for distractions! Kids and dogs (and deer!) everywhere. We learnt how to handle his anxiety and through that, how to control his aggression. Jo coached us through every step and for the next two training sessions, she insisted we bring our other dog so that we could learn to walk as a family again.

He no longer pulls on his lead, he never tries to move in front and has shown no aggression towards other dogs. He is so well behaved on our walks, the change in him is incredible. He is still the fun loving dog we know and love when in the house, but when his lead is on he is a perfect gentleman.

Thank you Jo for everything, we are so grateful for your excellent training. Every dog deserves the wonderful life a good owner can provide by being the leader!

Staffy looking at trainer
It must be love!


Kimba: Husky, 3 years old.
Training course: Residential, three weeks

I was recommended to Jo, by a friend who had used her services and had found her excellent. Kimba my 3 year old Husky was a fun loving boy when I rescued him at a year old.

As he matured he became more dominant and aggressive particularly towards the smaller breed of dog. I had socialised him well and he had plenty of exercise. He also attended doggy daycare for a while, to help with his socialisation, but was banned for ‘attacking’ another dog.

After this particular incident i felt I had to do something about his behaviour and I contacted Jo. I arranged to meet up with her and introduce Kimba and discuss his case with her and hopefully find a solution to his dog aggressive behaviour. After much discussion, I decided that Residential Training was the answer for Kimba. It would hopefully help him to become a more sociable dog, being ‘forced’ into living amongst a pack of well balanced and well socialised dogs and with the help and guidance of Jo!

Kimba spent three weeks living within the pack and I visited him and had training sessions with Kimba, Jo and the pack on a regular basis. It was amazing the change in him. He had made new friends, even with little dogs. He could walk with a pack of dogs, play with a pack of dogs, he would be very accepting of new dogs entering the pack – he was a reformed character! He still had to be muzzled (just for the other dogs safety) but the change was just amazing. He also had a fear of strange men (which we think may have stemmed from the doggy daycare) even here the improvement was unbelievable. When he returned home we just kept making progress, day by day.

Without Jo, I may have been forced to give him up but i’m so glad that I didn’t. He has come on leaps and bounds and I can’t thank Jo enough. I’d recommend Residential Dog Training to anyone with a problem dog

Mitch & Jack – 2 x Jack Russel Terriers’s  Both age 6.
Training course: Home Visit

We had decided it was time to arrange some sort of training for our ‘beloved’ dogs, Mitch and Jack. We had just had our first baby and we were a little concerned how the dogs were behaving around him. Neither had ever shown any sort of aggression but their erratic behaviour had raised questions whether we felt comfortable keeping them with us not knowing how they would be.

We were having problems with them constantly barking at people walking past our house, when the door bell rang they would bark until we answered (even then they did not stop). We were also having problems with Jack (from the RSPCA) who had decided to pee up the dining room table every time we were out even for a short period of time.

Travelling in the car was a ‘no no’ as our ears would be ringing by the time we had gone from A-B. I met Jo through a mutual friend and she said she thought she could help with some training. We initially booked a home visit so Jo could arrive and witness the chaos we were living in once the door bell rang. To our amazement, Jo ‘muted’ both of our dogs through a simple command. Jo stayed with us for just over an hour. We were left with simple instructions on how to deal with the dogs every time we were in a situation with the barking.

Within 1 week everything had changed in our home. We had control!!  We went on to have 2 more hour sessions at Jo’s home where we could go out walking with the dogs to see if we could gain the same control when in the presence of other dogs. Again with simple corrective actions we had Mitch and Jack walking in a busy park (to heel) not batting an eyelid at all the other four legged friends. We worked on our re-call and also worked on how to stop Jack from marking our furniture with his wee wee! This was the hardest part.

We purchased a crate from a pet store and have used it ever since. Both dogs sleep and travel in the crate and we feel it has given them the security that, mainly Jack needed. It has been 8 months since we first met Jo. Our son has just turned 1 and has 2 of the best friends he’ll ever have. Both Mitch and Jack have been fantastic with our son.  All 3 follow each other around now and we couldn’t imagine life without them. The biggest hurdle WE had to overcome was that it was actually US that needed the training. We just had to put it into practice and keep it up to notice the results. I would certainly recommend Jo for any Dog training needs and advice. Jo gave us a friendly service and it was definitely value for money.

Barny – Terrier cross age 4
Training course: Home Visit

I was at my wits end and I was on the verge of re-homing Barny. His constant barking outside was becoming a pain. My neighbours had complained on a number of occassions and I was worried that the council may become involved and then try and force me in to re-homing Barny. So I thought it would be best if I could find him a new home first before it got to that point. My daughter had tried to talk me out of this and a regular trip to our local vets was a blessing in disguise. They recommended Jo.

We contacted her as soon as we got home and arranged for a home visit. Jo showed us how to stop his nuisience barking outside and with a command from Jo, his behaviour changed immediately! She gave us some simple commands to follow through with him. It was just amazing to see his behaviour change in an instant – a miricle had happened! His behaviour in our home wasn’t so good either – he ruled the house. He picked at his food, pushed his way through doors before us, jumped up on the sofa without being asked and the worst thing was that he terrorrised our poor cat. Jo demonstrated simple techniques to control Barnys behaviour and to stop him chasing our cat.

Within 2 days our life at home was back to how it used to be – yes it did happed so quickly! I keep telling all of my family and friends about Jo and the miricle that followed! I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Jo.

Bob – Chocolate Labrador aged 5
Training course: Home Visit

We rescued Bob from a family friend who was unable to look after him anymore. He was well loved and cared for and really only had a couple of issues, one was jumping up and steeling food from worktops and the other was pulling badly on the lead. He had dragged my wife over in the street, chasing after a cat and she was too scared to walk him. I couldn’t hold him either, when we went out on a walk, Bob walked me! It wasn’t a laughing matter though, as I dreaded the time of day when it was time to go out. Walkies was no pleasure it was a horrible chore.

We found Jo’s website on the internet, gave her a call and arranged for a home visit. When she arrived we briefed her on the situation. Jo suggested we concentrate on the walking to heel problem first. After I was dragged through our door (by Bob), Jo took the lead and within a couple of minutes our uncontrollable boy was walking to heel as if he had been doing it all of his life! I couldn’t believe that this was my Bob that had been dragging myself and my wife down the road for the last few months. It was unbelievable!! Jo demonstrated how to do this a few more times and then we all had a go!

We finished our session in our home and Jo gave us some tips on how to stop him steeling and jumping up. We haven’t looked back, its a pleasure to walk him now and we are even considering a new friend for Bob. Thanks Jo for all of your help, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Molly and Sammy – German Shepherds aged 3 years
Training course: Home Visit

We were given Jo’s number by a friend of a friend and I contacted her to arrange a home visit. We were in a dreadful situation, our dogs behaviour was totally out of control. They wouldn’t listen to anything we said, they chewed on our furniture, scrtatched at the doors/walls, peed in our home, barked constantly when the door bell rang, attacked each other and Molly had bitten a friend.

None of our family were able to walk them as they dragged us down the road and if Molly seen another dog I’m sure she would have attacked it. Her hackles would go up, she would rear up on the lead, bark aggressively and growl. It was dreadful, the poor dogs hadn’t been out on a proper walk for over a year.

I was ashamed to tell anyone but now the situation was just totally out of hand. We do have a huge garden and of course the dogs had lots of exercise out side when i threw the ball for them. I had to keep Molly on a long lead though as she would escape out of the garden, the first chance thay she got. Jo arrived to see the chaos that we were living in. She totally understood our situation and gave us a clear plan to follow.

We had no rules, boundaries or limitations for the girls, no one was their clear pack leader. Jo showed us how to walk them to heal in our garden and gave me a 30 minute plan for each dog per day regarding excercise. She demonstrated how to regain the control again in my home and after one session it was like living with two different dogs. We have had a number of home visits and progressed to walks outside of our home with Jo’s guidence.

We are now thinking of Residential Training for both dogs which will help them to socialise better with other dogs/ people etc. It is amazing how quickly their bad behaviour has turned around and how different our and their life is now.

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