One to One Sessions

My aim is to work with dog owners, to help them to understand and train their dogs and most importantly – to have FUN!!!

As a Canine Behaviourist, I help to diagnose the root cause of why dogs behave as they do, in order to devise a programme to help owners overcome unwanted behaviour in their dog. I work with YOU and your dog, to help you to understand your dog better and give you ongoing support, as you implement the necessary changes to improve your relationship with your best friend!

I am passionate about ‘dogs’ and their ‘rehabilitation’ and I am eager to pass on my experience.

Dog behaviour and obedience training can be fun and is not a difficult process. The more you practice the easier it becomes. You also build a stronger bond with your dog and its great to have a dog that is under control at all times. Timing and consistency are key elements as are the use of voice and body language.

I offer one to one obedience training and behaviour management services. Many issues can be resolved in as little as two to three sessions. Sessions can be carried out in your home (normally one home visit required) or at my training school.

It’s great if you can bring along a profile of your dog to the first training session, so I can build up a picture of your dog and make a thorough assessment. You will be advised of a programme to follow and hands on training and guidance throughout each session.

Behaviour issues and obedience problems that YOU may face as a dog or puppy owner…

  • Aggression towards other dogs or people – Your dog NEEDS SOCIALISATION!!
  • NOT walking to heal or WON’T come back when recalled.
  • Fearful or Nervous in situations, Separation anxiety, car sickness, Loud noises e.g. gunfire, thunder, traffic, House Training the older dog.
  • Predatory aggression – chasing livestock, cars, joggers, cyclists. Biting postmen, children, owners or guests.
  • Chewing and General destruction.

One to One Training

One to One Training is carried out on site, with myself. The first training session is quite intensive and involves an assessment of your dog. This training session is for one hour and the issues we address in this first training session are vast.

You will be surprised how quickly your dog’s behaviour can change, I normally have most dogs walking to heel in less than a minute! It’s that quick!

I am very flexible in customising these training times to you and your dog and I can offer training sessions most days of the week, and very occasionally, at the weekends.

Home Visits

I offer a Professional Behavioural Training and Advice in your own home, helping you to deal with any Behavioural Issues that you may have with your dog. During a Consultation, a profile of your dog’s behaviour will be built up and I will advise you how to correct your behaviour focussing on the particular problem that you have.

Initial consultations last approximately an hour to one and a half hours, depending on the issues that you may have. I’ll advise on a practical training programme specific to the needs of you and your dog. Problem dog behaviour can be modified quite easily and sometimes in only a couple of hours. I’ll endeavour to give you all the advice and information you need in your session, however, behaviour problems are complex by nature and in some cases follow up sessions may be necessary.

Following a Consultation please expect a lot of hard work and commitment on your part in order to improve your dog’s behaviour.

I’m here to support you every step of the way!!


Why should you have One to One Training or a Home Visit?

Some of the behaviours  addressed in  One to One Training or a Home Visit are :

– Walking to heel

– Recall Training

– Aggression with food

– Possessive behaviour (with food or toys)

– Travel sickness/travelling well

– Over excitement

– Barking

– Nervous behaviour

– Destructiveness in your home

– Crate Training (for puppies or adult dogs)

– Behaviour with or around children/babies

– House training


Home visits are undertaken to help owners to learn to control any difficult and potential problems/unwanted behaviour generally in the home environment.

Most aggressive dogs I work with are very obedient…they can sit, stay, walk to heel and come back when recalled.

Many of the dog problems are caused by a lack of respect for their owner – they have simply become the most dominant member of the pack.

Much of this behaviour starts in the home environment which then leads on to further problems out of the home for example…. excitement in the car or aggression towards other dogs on a walk.

Home visits can be useful during the period before a puppy is fully vaccinated. This can help you to establish some ground rules.

Home visits can also help with a rescued dog. Don’t wait and hope the problem will go away, the longer you wait the greater the stress you and your dog will endure.


Rescue Dog Training

This can be a difficult time for you and your dog as you do not know your dogs full history, which can be upsetting for you as you don’t fully understand why your dog behaves or reacts in the way that he/she does. Your dog would benefit greatly from my ‘Rescue Dog Training Package’ this will show you how to help your dog overcome their fears and anxieties. Your dog may have issues such as excessive barking or aggression towards people or dogs, all problem behaviours that they picked up before you rescued them.

Either a One to One Training Session here on site or a Home Visit, would be beneficial where i can thoroughly assess your dog and put in to place a Rescue Dog Training Package, to help you and your dog to move forward.



Classes for Puppy Behaviour and Training

Ill show you how to get your puppy to listen to you (without treats) and advise you how to get the whole family involved in the crucial early training and socialisation of your puppy. This will help you to develop a great relationship and a solid foundation for future training. All of your family are welcome.

Once we have established to firm foundations from basic commands such as sit, stay, walk to heel and come, we can then progress on to socialisation, with a well balanced pack of dogs, which is crucial at such an early stage of your puppies development.

Puppy advice – crate training, house training, lead training, nutrition, behaviour issues eg biting and Puppy healthcare. There is always the time to ask questions about any puppy behaviour that you may be struggling with!




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