Residential Training

Our Residential Dog Training, based in Leicestershire, differs to the Dog Boot Camps that you have seen on TV! As we don’t require the owners to be present during the training! Timing and consistency are key elements as are body language, voice and general confidence.

Within the controlled environment of our dog training school and surrounding areas, we are able to simulate most behavioural problem areas. Being able to train the dogs in the environments that are causing the problems is an essential part of our successful training method.

Dog Training must be adapted to each dog’s particular character and disposition as dogs vary in temperament so much. I can tailor a Training Package to suit your dog’s particular characteristics – this is the key to my success. I will work with your dog on the areas which you feel are most important and need the most work.


The Complete Training Package

This is a two to four-week course suitable for any dogs that require some Basic Obedience Training, have any kind of behaviour issues, for dogs that are dog or human aggressive, or dogs that need socialisation etc. This course is intensive and specialised to give you the top level of control.

I do not believe in training with treats! Bribing your dog with food is out of the question! My methods of communicating with your dog are through the power of my energy, in a way that your dog will understand and trust. Your dog will feel at ease with me in our training school and in my home, allowing them to accept the training and connect with me.

This course is designed so that I put in all of the groundwork, so that you are much more able to take your dog anywhere, have your dog respond to your commands and behave around other people and dogs.

Once your dog arrives with us they will be assessed and allowed to settle into their new environment. All dogs that come for Residential Training will be living in our home, with us and our other dogs, (no kennels here!).

This intensive training programme is suitable for:

– All breeds of dogs/any ages

– Aggression towards other dogs/ humans

– Dogs with fears and anxieties of any sort

– Dogs requiring proper socialisation

– General bad manners

– Pulling on the lead/ Recall Training

Your dog will be trained 2/3 times a day for more than an hour per day.  Plus he will receive lots of socialisation with a pack of well-balanced dogs!

Training will be outdoors, beginning with few distractions, progressing to more advanced sessions with a variety of natural distractions. Your dog will be trained out in the ‘real world’ so the training is realistic and varied and is as effective as possible. The training environments are varied, including a country park (with deer), woods, near shops, in town, pubs, in a home environment, dog groups, one to one training sessions with other clients and their dogs, pack walks etc.

Exercises that your dog will learn whilst in Residential Training

  • Sit, Sit/Stay
  • Walk to Heel on loose lead
  • Directional turns while walking to heel
  • Recall, Recall while distracted by other dogs
  • Social Obedience
  • Controlled greeting with a dog/person
  • Door/Car door control
  • General socialisation with dogs – all carried out in the environment causing the problem!


Behaviour Modification Course for Aggressive, Nervous or Problem dogs

A course specifically designed for dogs that are aggressive towards people or other dogs.

I often deal with dog aggression cases and I understand how upsetting it can be for owners and their dogs. It is a very common problem for many dogs and owners.

I often take on cases where other Dog Trainers and Canine Behaviourists have failed.

Many cases of dog aggression can be very complex and I’ll work through the rebalancing period with both you and your dog. Although this course can not promise to ‘cure’ all aggression it can help to build a foundation for conditioning the future behaviour of your dog and give you the skills to manage it.

Targeted Training


This is one of the most important commands for any dog and owner to master. This course is structured to work on the proficiency of the command, given the dog’s breed and previous history. Minimum of one week’s residential training. Chasing On Lead (Joggers, Cyclists, Car Wheels etc)Many dogs get excited or stressed by many distractions while walking on the lead. Many will often bark, pull or lunge at these things. This makes the walk really unpleasant and difficult. On this course, the dogs will be trained in a variety of situations in the environment causing the problem and the most effective training methods will be applied.

Walking to Heel

A dog feels your energy through the lead, a connection between you both. If you feel tense or nervous your dog will sense this and react. Most dog owners have the lead wrapped around their hand and hold on for dear life! Is this you?! This course will teach your dog how to walk to heel on a loose lead and not to fight against the tension that he is used to on a daily basis. It will help him to see you as the pack leader! This will lead to a more enjoyable walk for all! And more obedient behaviour from your dog.

Reporting on your dog’s progress/ Updates!

I will update you on your dog’s progress on a regular basis. This will be carried out by text, email and Whatsapp (videos)

Safe Travel

Does your dog have a problem travelling in your car? Do you find it hard to get them in and out? Are they sick? Do they bark/drool or pace around? Then this one-week residential course may be for you!

Of course, your dog will be living in my home and when not being trained, will be resting in a safe enclosed environment in my home or garden. However, your dog will be having 3-4 training sessions every day, a minimum of 1-2 walks a day and also accompanying myself to other training sessions, or pack walks which are suitable.

Dog Handler Tuition

The handler tuition (YOU!) can take place during and when you collect your dog at the end of their stay.  Timings will be discussed during booking. I like to fully discuss and demonstrate all techniques and training methods that have been used, I want you to go home comfortable and confident in handling your dog.

During training: I would be happy for you to get involved with training sessions as I feel it is beneficial for you and your dog. This would ideally take place part way through your dogs time with me.  Once I have built the foundation we can practise together to help you and your dog achieve the maximum benefit.

I recommend adding a home visit after training is complete. This helps reinforce good behaviours learnt here. I visit your home and help you integrate the training into your lifestyle ensuring you and your dog continue on the right path.

A deposit is required to secure your booking and the balance is due at the start of the training. Once confirmed, deposits become non-refundable, but course dates may be changed subject to agreement, without losing your deposit.

Please call for information and pricing.


My guarantee to you is that I’ll work hard with your dog every day to get the results we both want! My reputation is important and much of my work is through referrals. My Residential Dog Training package is designed to put the groundwork into place, what ever the reason for your dogs stay. You must be willing to continue with your dog’s training at the end of the course.


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