Socialisation for Dogs

Socialisation is very important. If a dog is properly socialised as a puppy, many behavioural problems can be avoided.  Lack of socialisation often leads to anxiety or worse, aggression.

Just as humans learn behaviour from other people, dogs take their cues from other dogs.  This can be a tremendous benefit in training when a calm, balanced pack is used to help rehabilitate a nervous, anxious or aggressive dog.

Noth my residential training course and my two-day training course involve tons of socialisation with my dogs.  Both will address dealing with ‘new dogs’ out on a walk.

Your dog will be around other dogs of all sizes and breeds.

If you think that there is no way your aggressive dog would be able to do this, please don’t let that fear stop you from calling me! Take a look at my testimonials page to see just how many aggressive dogs have been integrated into my pack.

However bad you think the problem is, I guarantee you will be amazed at the results!

We operate a no kennel environment, so your dog is able to meet other dogs without stress in a normal ‘home’ situation.

Your dog will leave here not only better behaved, but with a new pack of friends….  View the Rogue’s Gallery! 



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